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increase access & revenue using income-based discounts
Add Affordably to your site
Users verify income via tax, payroll or bank data
Eligible users get a discount

Anna Sànchez

Brooklyn-based 1st-gen Immigrant Artist

Income: $18k/y

Saves 32% on a UX Design Certificate

George Peters

Oakland-based Logistics Associate

Income: $37k/y

Saves 62% on tax prep software

Will Hanks

Retired Alabama-based electrician

Income: $17k/y

Saves 22% on a mindfulness mental health app

Felicia Johnson

Baltimore-based Social Worker & Single Mother

Income: $23k/y

Saves 51% on her son's interactive math e-books

Zixuan Lu

Ontario-based Chef

Income: CAD 29k/y

Saves 71% on virtual English classes

Lynette Sanders (right)

Recent Boston-based Architecture Graduate

Income: $41k/y

Saves 24% on computed-aided architecture software
to build a job portfolio

Ishan Shah (right)

Recent Mumbai-based Political Journalist Graduate

Income: ₹2 lpa ≈ $2.5k/y

Saves 84% on US-based newspaper subscription

do well by doing good

Affordably's real-time income verification tool helps you identify priced-out users across 200+ countries.

Businesses that add Affordably serve more customers, increase revenue & reduce churn

go live in < 3 minutes

integrates seamlessly with your payments stack

With Thinkific, Stripe, Shopify, WooCommerce, Teachable, Gumroad integrations & more -- add Affordably to any payment or e-commerce stack in minutes

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discounts for those who need them

Affordably verifies low-income households, those with disabilities, students, retirees & more -- so no one is left out. Be in full control of exactly how you discount.

go live in < 3 minutes

how responsible start-ups & enterprises price

it moves our mission forward and we're actually able to monetize more

"I think it’s brilliant...I love’s aligned really well with our mission. What’s amazing is that I can see us reaching an audience for whom the current prices are too moves our mission forward and we're actually able to monetize more."

Head of Consumer Monetization

it's very impressive.

"...pretty advanced technology to help online education providers create pricing based on income, and then verifying that income in real time for each individual customer.

MoGraph Mentor is going to test this out later this year. I've seen the demo and it's very impressive."

Mograph Mentor

Great team!

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Yasin Mayo
CEO, Memberlog

Built in A/B Testing

Bank-Level Data Security

Supports 200+ countries

coming soon!
Churn Mitigation

get reachrevenue

Spread fixed costs, including eng, marketing & real-estate, across more users. Unlock volume discounts & don't let price stop your product from helping users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Affordably?

Affordably is a service that makes it simple for businesses to offer income-based discounts to their customers helping businesses increase access to their services while increasing revenue at the same time.

Who else offers income-based discounts?

Companies are increasingly offering income-based discounts. Some well-known examples include Amazon Prime and Xfinity's Internet Essentials. These co-exist with other affordable housing, food stamp, FAFSA & subsidized medical care government programs.

Affordably makes it simple for any business to increase revenue & access with income-based discounting.

How much does Affordably cost?

Affordably is, true to name, designed to be affordable for every business!

It's free to get started & the average Affordably business increases revenue by over 60% and pays Affordably ~5% of "affordably-visible" revenue*. Affordably offers a built-in A/B testing tool so you can directly verify Affordably's impact on your top line revenue.

Note: If your business primarily sells lower-margin physical goods or is a non-profit -- please reach out as you likely qualify for discounted custom pricing.

*Defined as any revenue generated when the Affordably button was visible

How do you verify a user's income?

For US users, Affordably uses the same tools that banks use to underwrite loans. This includes verifying permissioned payroll, bank, or tax data in real-time as a user browses your store.

For users outside the US, Affordably verifies ownership of an international phone number and offers purchasing-power region-based pricing. Affordably probabilistically combines available income data with associated confidence levels to estimate a user's income.

Once a user's income is verified, the data is stored to their Affordably profile. Users can then easily get discounted income-based pricing at any Affordably-integrated merchant.

How are discounts decided & distributed?

Businesses have full control over the eligible incomes-levels and sizes of the discounts that Affordably generates. These are fully configurable in the Affordably merchant dashboard.

Affordably integrates seamlessly with your payments gateway or e-commerce provider. Affordably can generate discounts on your behalf as unique, one-time use promotion codes that users apply at Checkout or, alternatively, you can choose to programmatically adjust prices based off Affordably's analysis.

Is Affordably Secure?

Affordably uses start-of-the-art bank-level security practices including storing user data in a dedicated SOC2 Type 1, HIPAA compliant, PCI Level 1 Certified privacy vault with strict encryption, authentication & authorization controls. Users & businesses can delete all data at any time and no sensitive income or user data is shared directly with your business shielding you from any additional data liability.

How can I contact Affordably with any questions or partnership requests?

Reach out to, we'd love to hear from you!

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